Lightning Dragon Battle

Another fine dragon done by Lego this is Jay’s dragon whisp is also 1 of the 4 to be the biggest it has a big ball in it moût h that can be shot out the wings are really big to legs can move also the set comes with a skulkin helicopter which you can use to capture...

Lego ninjago 2170 Cole DX

This set is the second set to feature a Ninjago Dx character this set is Cole Dx spinner witch is the second spinner to feature a Cole Lego figure this comes with Cole figure his DX spinner a few weapons and 5 cards

Turbo shredder 2263

This set is a good one if you like tracks on wheels this will be the set for you lego Ninjago turbo shredder is the set for yo the wheels are connected using technic pieces and the cockpit Looks a bit like a tank in this set you get these figures in this set are the...

Ice dragon attack

This set is good because It is the first ever Ninjago dragon following many to come a large ball in the Dragon head to shoot head can move around The wings and tale can are moveable This set comes with these figures karzi and zane witch has The Shurkiens of ice witch...

LEGO Ninjago 2259: Skull Motorbike

This set is skull motor bike witch is for the Chopov figure you get in the set this set also includes the first ever jay figure wich comes with The nunchucks of lighting that are seen in the Ninjago tv series the bike has got a good design the frount wheel is Conected...

LEGO Ninjago 2258: Ninja Ambush

This is the first like main set to come out witch is Ninja Ambush featuring just Kai and Bonezai with a silver sword this set is ideal for 6-14 what you have to do is with Kai you have to try get the scythe of Quakes


Nya spinner is a spinner for girls how are interested in Ninjago masters of spinjitzu it comes with some weapons and cards to