Ninjago city gardens

Lego product code: 71741

Age Group 14+
Number of bricks: 5685
Lego Theme:Ninjago legacy
Guide Price £256.00
Release date:01/02/2021

This is one of the largest Lego sets ever it is in the top 10 biggest sets this set features lots of new things from Ninjago over the years it special because it comes with golden master wu figure for 10 years of Ninjago this set is also the biggest Ninjago set ever it beats the 2017 Ninjago city by around 700 pieces this set has the museum that seen in series 2 of Ninjago masters of spinjitzu where the giant stone warrior was

it comes with Chen’s noodle house now run by Skylor although in the set Skylor is not in it and I think she should be because it would make the place better to but it has a figure called Mei instead.

There is also a fan apartment so you can put a figure in the bed to which features something new to your Ninjago city collection of places.

outside there is a temple island which I think would go nice with the temple of airjitzu this set has Zane statue in from episode 34 the titanium ninja

on the top of the lef side there is a rooftop zen garden on top which I think holds all the weapons they need to train Lloyd

onto the other side of the set there is a tea time balcony for wu when he want tea he can go there for it a nice little area for Lego figures to.

on the second floor there is an ice planet ice cream shop another place to go to your Ninjago city collection and another place where your figures can get ice cream.

Heading up to the tower there’s a ninja zone for the ninja to go there’s a tv a game console using the part from prime empire first seen in 2020 lots of room up to three figures can go in it there are 2 chairs in it to.

there is a secret room which we don’t really know about it is above the ninja zone so it has something to do with the ninja above it there is a ninja control tower for the ninja to keep an eye on what’s going on aroun the city to

This set features some new things there is the young Lloyd hair pice which exclusive to the set another thing is the mechanic which is seen in Ninjago a lot of times to this set is ideal for 14+ here are the figures you get in the set

the set also continues from Ninjago city set 70620 70657

  • Golden master wu
  • young Lloyd green ninja
  • legacy kai
  • legacy zane
  • urban cole
  • urban jay
  • urban cole
  • Misako legacy
  • Clutch powers
  • legacy ronin
  • The mechanic
  • cece
  • Christina
  • Hai
  • Eileen
  • kaito
  • Mei
  • scoop
  • Tito
  • sensei wu’s dog
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