here are some good ways to see about ninjago 10 years

Get one of the new ninjago sets that have a ten year figure in it

Get the new ninjago character encyclopaedia as it has figures from ninjago and includes a future Nya first seen in season 5 of ninjago masters of spinjitzu

Here is a new map of ninjago which has been updated

Kai is the master of fire he originally thought he would become the green ninja but when he had to choose between a fang blade and Lloyd and chose Lloyd knowing he would be the green ninja and then found his true potential for the last 10 years Kai been saving ninjago with the other ninja and Lego all give them a sort of role his is courage

Cole elemental master of earth is strong as a rock on the outside but has a caring heart thinking about others before himself in season 5 of ninjago he got turned into a ghost at yangs haunted temple he turned back to human in day of the departed for the last ten years Cole has been saving ninjago for a while and his role is balance

New ninjago trailerĀ