Hogwarts™ Hospital Wing

Lego product code: 75398

Age Group 8+
Number of bricks: 510
Lego Theme:Harry Potter
Guide Price £45.00
Release date:01/03/2022

this new Hogwarts set is a never before seen in lego hospital wing which is compatible with other sets from the 2021 wave such as the chamber of secrets and the broom shed the top of the set, is a clock tower where you can spin the turret on top and the hands on the clock will move if you are categorising your sets by films or books Would put this in the prisoner of azkaban range as the clock tower is seen mostly in the third film this brilliant set will release on March the first to the public the names of the figures are below

Harry PotterRon WeasleyHermione GrangerMadam Pomfrey
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