kai’s Fighter 71704
This set was first seen in 2013 Now 7 years later they have done a remake of it and now it has 2 more figures it is a lot more picese a day bigger cockpit and the cockpit can now come of and now a blaster bit that wasn’t included in the 2013 version and bigger wings to
storm fighter battle
This set is The Third Storm fighter The first one came out in 2012 which was a small set witch looked like this one but a few more bricks The second one came out in 2019 for the first wave of legacy sets which was designed to be the biggest one for older children 9+ it was for and it looked more like the one from the tv show but this one is for young builders which comes with the storm fighter a snake car and something looking like the monastery from 2019 and it comes with 3 Lego figures
jorney to the
skull dungeons
This set is the first set for season 13 this set you can connect together with three different sets this set also comes with 4 Lego figures Spinjitzu dice thing you can make the prison sell go up and down and board game so I would really recommend this set ideal for 7 year old