The Crystal King Temple

Lego product code: 71771

Age Group 8+
Number of bricks: 703
Lego Theme:Ninjago
Guide Price £70.00
Release date:01/06/2022

This strange and unusual temple belongs to the main villain of the new series crystallised. The villain being the mysterious crystal king. The temple is split into two main parts the first being a part where the ninja golden weapons are this part is filled with traps to make play more fun the second part is some part of tower where there is a crystal prison for one of the ninja to go in then theres a place for the crystal king to sit below him is the scythe of quakes belonging to Cole that Cole must get back to stop him mini figure names and more details below

  • 6 numbered packets of lego
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 sticker sheet
kaijayColezanethe crystal kingvengestone guard
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