Wu battle dragon

Lego product code: 71718

Age Group 7+
Number of bricks: 321
Lego Theme:Ninjago
Guide Price £18.00
Release date:01/06/2020

This is a really good dragon the wings can move up and down the legs turn round the tail moves and head to this is available at a lot of place’s but on Lego it is on backorder and goes on it very quickly the seat on the dragon can hold wu’s staff the only thing I think that could be improved is the seat that wu goes on could hold him on a bit better you get a stand to put 1 of the blades of deliverance in this set you get tow figures in this set hero wu and gleck here is what is inside

  • 3 packs of Lego
  • wings to put on it
  • a free LEGOLAND kids go free pass
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