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September 21st 2020 I found out from a Freind at school saying that there are new Lego cards done by Sainsbury’s

September 18th 2020: Today Lego have posted on Wikipedia the new sets coming out in January 2021. We don’t know when they will be available in store, but based on last years winter releases it could be January or February. So far we only know about the new Ninjago.

August 12th 2020: I have just posted a blog about the new Lego 2020 Star Wars Advent Calendar.

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2504 spinjitzu dojo

2504 spinjitzu dojo

This set is closet’s they had to the monastery in Ninjago this is the spinjitzu Dojo witch comes with these figures zane tanning nuckal and master wu witch comes with spinner and 5 cards this set is a good one to play with out of the four golden weapons it comes with...

2257 spinjitzu starter set

This set is a starter spinjitzu set witch comes with not one spinner but tow the characters in this are training jay and frakjaw altogether there are 10 cards 6 weapons and tow spinners

Lord garmadon

Lord garmadon

Master wu was brother garmadon this is garmadon’s spinner it comes with 3 weapons 5 cards and spinner wich is purple

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